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Creative Threads offers professional repair and tune ups for ANY make and model of sewing machine.  Pricing starts at just $75.00.  Call for specific information regarding your model.

  • Servicing is done by Threads To Treasure Quilt and Machine Services.  TTTQMS is certified in sewing machine repair, trained and knowledgeable with all brands and models.  You will get top notch customer service that is quick and friendly.  Get in touch by:
  1.   Call the shop @716-671-2739 or TTTQMS @716-998-5729
  2.   Email:
  3.    Or just bring your machines into Creative Threads at

        5761 Seneca Street, Elma, NY 14059


Why Do Sewing Machines Need Servicing?

You invest in a machine that can last a lifetime. Servicing it at the right times will ensure it works every time you ask it to.

  • It’s a MACHINE.  It will wear and tear throughout use.  Allowing for little repairs and adjustments along the way will give a longer, trouble-free lifespan.  (NOBODY enjoys sewing time if a machine doesn’t sew correctly)
  • Sewing machines take in thread bits, fabric bits, and oil. This fuzzy phenomenon forms into stuff which, left unchecked, will ABSOLUTELY interfere with normal functioning.  A machine that has accumulated dust absorbs the lubricating oil meant for the smooth operation of moving parts.  UH OH!  The parts have difficulty moving or stop altogether and very bad (maybe expensive) things ensue. 

How Often Should You Take Your Sewing Machine For Service?

  • This depends upon how often you use the machine.  General guidance is the following.
    • more than once a year- With heavy use: are you sewing with fuzzy materials (flannels) or cotton threads?  Using it many hours a week?  It collects the dirt and breaks down the lubricants FAST.
    • every year- With regular use: Not so many hours a week, but you make things a lot with it.  Yearly keeps it going great!
    • every other year- With less use:  Once in a while you make or repair things.  Every other year will suffice.  HOWEVER, machines that are stored or just “sit around” still fall victim to lubricants that gum up, dry out.  Service cleans and restores everything for peak machine performance


Is there a sewing machine question you’d like to have answered?  Please ask it!  It could appear here to educate other sewists.